Food Intolerance Balanced Lifestyle (1)

Three Lifestyle Habits To Compliment A Food Elimination Diet

Besides identifying your food intolerances and eliminating them from your diet, it’s important to also practice a healthy lifestyle.

Maintain a balanced routine

Be sure to prioritize your health and fitness goals. It’s one thing to try and cram every healthy lifestyle habit imaginable into your day, but it’s another thing to actually carry out those habits. Focus on achievable healthy behaviors that contribute to a complete balanced routine.

Eat for energy

Once you identify your food intolerances you also have to replace those foods with nutrient dense alternatives. Additionally, try not to think of eating as just something to do three times a day. Eat for fuel and when you actually feel hungry.

Workout regularly

Don’t let the term “workout” or other people’s habits scare you. Even something as small as going for a walk everyday can benefit you immensely in the long run. Just do whatever you can to stay active and moving.

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