Takeout and Food Intolerances

Our fast-paced lives often leave us with little to no free time during the day. We come home from work and find that we are too exhausted to do anything, so we decide to shower, sleep, and wake up to do it all over again. When we get to work, we realize we didn’t prepare any food the night before, so we have to order in. After all, we need the energy from lunch to make it through the rest of the day!


However, when dealing with food intolerances, we don’t realize how much control we lose when we order food. While it makes our lives a little easier, we are never present to see the ingredients used in cooking our meals when they’re made and brought from a restaurant. Although we may be ordering a breaded, fried chicken breast over pasta, we may not be aware of what ingredients go into the breading which can trigger negative symptoms.


How do we fix this?

Simple, make it a habit to prep your meals as soon as we get home. That way we haven’t given ourselves enough time to relax and still have some energy left from our workday. It will be easier than laying down for 10 minutes, and then struggling to get back up to cook. If that doesn’t work, then take some time during days off to prep meals for the entire work week. Freeze them, and take them to work one by one. This way we don’t have to worry about cooking every day, we save money, and we can relax as soon as we get home.


The best part about preparing our own meals, however, is that we are in complete control of what we consume. We can avoid every food intolerance and prevent any symptoms from arising throughout the week. That might even give us more energy, as we won’t feel fatigue due to a food intolerance reaction.


So, before you think about taking out your wallet to pay for lunch tomorrow, consider preparing your meals ahead of time and saving yourself the money and the hassle of food intolerance symptoms.

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