Brain Fog Food Intolerance

How Eliminating Food Intolerances Can Lead To Improved Focus

It’s easy to think that your memory is just gradually getting worse or that your ability to focus is due to aging, but what if you could take steps to reverse it?

Recent studies have shown that increased inflammation in the body causes neurons in the brain to fire more slowly, “slowing down mental acuity, recall, and reflexes.

One way to reverse this is by identifying which foods are causing increased inflammation in the gut and eliminating them from your diet. These problem foods are also known as “food intolerances.” Essentially, when dealing with a food intolerance, food particles fail to be properly broken down due to a lack of digestive enzymes and can trigger a state of inflammation in the gut to try and neutralize the improperly digested particles.

Taking a food intolerance test can help you diagnose and eliminate problem foods in your diet. Utilizing a simple finger-prick blood test, microarray technology can the difference between temporary and permanent food intolerances to identify the exact foods that your system is sensitive towards – all with just a few drops of blood.

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