Food Intolerance Signs And Symptoms

3 Signs From Your Body That You May Have A Hidden Food Intolerance

Listening to the natural signals from your body is one of the most important things you can do for your health. Yet, too often we overlook symptoms or chalk them up as some random event. That needs to change. If you don’t feel well, your body is trying to tell you to make some health or lifestyle changes.

Below are 5 signs and symptoms that may be related to digestive problems due to a food intolerance:

Bloating or stomach distention after meals

When dealing with a food intolerance, the body cannot digest certain food proteins and uses inflammation as a way to deal with this problem. This inflammation can cause gas, bloating and other general discomforts.

Constant sugar cravings

When fighting a food intolerance, serotonin production (95% of which originates from the cells in our intestines) decreases dramatically, leading to intense carb and sugar cravings.

This process can send your body into a vicious cycle of mood swings, depression, and unwanted cravings, all stemming from the fight against food intolerance.

Unexplained fatigue

When intolerance to a certain food, you will not absorb its nutrients properly. So, even if you think you’re diet is filled with healthy foods that fuel your body, if you’re intolerant, it will not matter.

Taking a food intolerance test can help you diagnose and eliminate problem foods in your diet. Utilizing a simple finger-prick blood test, microarray technology can the difference between temporary and permanent food intolerances to identify the exact foods that your system is sensitive towards – all with just a few drops of blood.

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