Food Intolerance Journal

The Trouble With Food Journaling

If you’re not familiar, food journaling is a common practice in which you write down everything you consume on a given day. Food journaling can help keep you more accountable for the calories you eat and more aware of what’s going into your body on a day to day basis. When strictly updated, it’s a good tool that can be used to improve nutrition and even help you lose weight.

On the other hand, if your goal is to find out which foods are responding negatively to your body, food journaling isn’t your best bet. Because of the delayed symptoms that are common to GI issues, food intolerances, and other gut imbalances, it is often difficult to track which foods are to blame. Even if you do maintain a detailed list, the process of eliminating and reintroducing foods back into your diet can be cumbersome and a waste of time.

Again, if your goal is to keep yourself honest and keep track of your routines, food journaling is great. However, if you’re trying to identify a certain food that may be causing your body trouble, it’s best to take a food intolerance test. This kind of blood test will generate a concise report that will identify all the foods, if any, that are causing your body harm.

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