The Importance of Gut Health

In our digestive system, food molecules must be broken down into smaller molecules such as amino acids before they are absorbed into the blood stream. This process is called digestion.


Then these small nutrients are carried to the cells throughout the body and used for energy, growth, and cell repair.



Your Body’s Second Brain


The health of your gastrointestinal system is extremely important to your overall well-being.


The human gastrointestinal tract constitutes about seventy percent of the immune system.


Your digestive system has the capability of affecting your body’s vitamin and mineral absorbency, hormone regulation, digestion, vitamin production, immune response, and the ability to eliminate toxins, not to mention your overall mental health.  Almost 95% of the serotonin production originates from the cells of your gut, despite the common belief that serotonin is primarily produced in the brain.

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